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About The Music


I can't really pretend to have a grand strategy when choosing music to arrange. I limit myself mostly to Viennese style dance music, for the most part before about 1870.

There is a pile of music on my desk and a metaphorical pile on my computer. These get added to all the time. People send me scores. People point me at interesting sources. I do periodic trawls of online resources. Occasionally I find an excuse to go to VIenna and sit in a library pretending to be an academic. Many thanks to the staff of the Austrian National Library and the Vienna Library in the Rathaus for helping and humouring me.

I have my little obsessions. I started this in order to hear more Joseph Lanner and there is still lots more of that to do. I discovered Philipp Fahrbach I and August Lanner who are unjustly neglected and I like Karel Komzak II's good humour. 

Music gets added to the piles faster than I can do it. When I finish a piece I look to see what I fancy doing next and do that. The choice is greatly influenced by just how bored I was doing the previous work by that composer! I am afraid some composers, even quite famous ones, do it by numbers. The music might sound pretty but there's nothing to hold my interest. This is something I do for fun. It doesn't mean I don't do it to the best of my ability.

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