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Marble Surface

Philipp Fahrbach I

Döbler’s Zauber Walzer oder Flora’s Blumenspende, Op. 40

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration from the first edition piano score of this waltz by Fahrbach.

I did it by mistake. In the huge potpourri by Ziehrer that I orchestrated last year, which contained a revue of the Viennese dance scene through the century, there was a quotation from Fahrbach’s “Flora” waltz. I thought it was a good tune and wanted to find the rest of the waltz. Wee snag - in the sources I have access to there was nothing that looked like Flora. The nearest was the alternative title of this waltz. I was pretty sure when I ordered it that it wasn’t right because it dates from 1839 and the tune in the Ziehrer was in a later style. I was right. It isn’t the right waltz.

It is, however a good waltz, although I think the introduction is a bit overdone.

I don’t understand how the two titles can refer to the same piece. Perhaps it’s my terrible German or maybe I’m missing some context but I don’t really see the introduction as relating to “Flora’s Blumenspende”.

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