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Marble Surface

C.W. Drescher

Gedenkblätter, Walzer

Arr. CPE Strauss

00:00 / 04:43

My orchestration of the Blaha piano score of this waltz by Carl Drescher. There is no opus number on the piano score and I can’t trace one, although Drescher did use them.

A while ago I made an orchestration of Karel Komzak II’s Grosses Walzer Potpourri. It had a number of half-familiar tunes in it that I thought I’d look up. One of them was the main theme of this waltz. I particularly liked the clever little cadences in the first time bar and on the repeat. Neither is in the original. Thanks, Karel!

This has some nice tunes but not much in the way of originality. There’s a lot of tonic/dominant and the coda was obviously put together with the aid of scissors and glue. Pretty enough though.

The piano score would have you believe the last eight bars are quiet. It seemed unlikely. I've orchestrated it for a smallish orchestra. I believe Drescher was known as the king of the salon orchestra.

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