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Marble Surface

Karel Komzak II

Grosses Walzer Potpourri, Op. 240

Arr. CPE Strauss

00:00 / 15:13

My orchestration from the piano score of this piece by Karel Komzak II. It’s a huge selection of waltzes strung together. He obviously did not have the rights to the Strauss brothers’ works as there are none here, other than brief quotations in passing … and I suspect some of the pieces here are included just so that he could bend them slightly into a Strauss waltz (For example, the Treasure Dance from Meyerbeer’s Dinorah morphs nicely into a bit of Die Fledermaus at the end).

I have done the suggested cut in the coda. There is a chorale like tune that should be sung, with snatches of waltzes above it (including more Strauss), but the tune is dirge like and unfamiliar, and I couldn’t make much sense of the rest of it musically. The piece is long enough, and it really wasn’t very good.

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