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Marble Surface

Johann Strauss II

Gunstwerber, Walzer, Op. 4

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration of the last of the four pieces Strauss wrote for this debut concert in 1844. I have orchestrated it for (more or less) the orchestra he had at that concert.

There are other recordings but I am not sure any have the original orchestration, if it still exists. I didn’t want to listen to them before doing this as it would have influenced what I did. I don’t mind being influenced by the composer, but if it’s not his original orchestration it’s not a good approach.

It gets overshadowed by Sinngedichte which was the big hit on the night and gets played more, I expect because it is Opus 1. This is no less a waltz and was the first piece by Strauss on the program, after a couple of operatic arrangements. One can almost imagine the audience holding its breath in the pause before the first waltz theme starts.

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