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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

Hugenotten, Galoppe, Op. 114b

Arr. CPE Strauss

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Joseph Lanner, Hugenotten, Galoppe, Op. 114b, Arr. CPE Strauss

My orchestration of this galoppe by Joseph Lanner. It was first performed in the Sperl on 6th February 1837.

The music is taken from the opera by Meyerbeer, premiered in Paris the previous year. Johann Strauss I wrote a galop based on the same opera at the same time with a lot of the same themes in it. I have orchestrated that one too.

They can’t even agree on how to spell galop!

The Lanner is the more ambitious piece, perhaps a little too ambitious. The plot of the opera doesn’t make one think of an evening in a ballroom. The Strauss is simpler and perhaps the better dance music, much though I prefer Lanner generally.

You can get a bit tired of “that” tune though.

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