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Marble Surface

Karel Komzak II

In Sturm und Drang, Walzer, Op. 135

Arr. CPE Strauss

00:00 / 09:27

My orchestration from the Robitschek piano score of this waltz by Karel Komzak II. I can’t find any trace of a recording, or even a performance. A pity, as it’s a good waltz. It has some nice ideas, but for me it is trying too hard for effect in some places. I am probably just out of my comfort zone. I always feel a bit worried when I sit down to work on a waltz as late as this. I am much happier 40 years earlier.

At least Komzak puts a lot of interpretation into the score, particularly tempo and rubato indications. This is extremely useful particularly as they are often diametrically opposed to what I would do myself! Any problems with tempi, please talk to Karel. Anything else is my fault.

The opus number is the one on the score.

It doesn’t sound remotely stormy or stressful to me. What do I know.

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