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Marble Surface

August Lanner

Isar Klänge, Walzer, Op. 25, Original Orchestration

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My transcription of the original manuscript from the Wien Bibliothek.
The waltz was first performed on the 25th August 1854 in the Bierhalle Fünfhaus.

This was really anoying to do. I had previously had two goes at orchestrating the published piano score. The first was one of my early efforts at August Lanner, done before I had seen any of his full scores. I did it as a generic early 1850’s waltz with a fairly light orchestration. After having looked at some other Lanner orchestrations I redid mine, beefing up the orchestration in the style of what I had seen and adding some ersatz Lanner counter melodies here and there as he does.

Needless to say my first effort was closer than my second. It’s quite lightly orchestrated for Lanner. Also, although he does put the occasional countermelody in, he doesn’t put them where I put them.

There are lots of differences between the autograph and piano score which didn’t lighten my mood in any way at all.

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