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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

Jubel Walzer, Op. 100

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration of this waltz by Joseph Lanner. The original dates from 1836.

This is at least my third go at this. It is unlikely to be my last. On the first try I thought he had natural brass instruments. I then discovered he had chromatic trumpets by the date of this piece. I have since learned that only two of the four trumpets he used were chromatic. I have therefore completely rewritten the brass parts. My woodwind writing was a bit un-Lanner like when I first did this too, so I have rewritten that too. For at least part of this he uses two piccolos.

A couple of years ago in the Austrian National Library I got my hands on a set of original parts for this. Why I just didn't copy them then and save myself a lot of work I do not know. The nice flute solo I had written in the opening turned out to be for trumpet. Why? He never wrote anything like that again. Perhaps he overestimated the ability of his shiny new trumpet?

It's too good a waltz to leave alone though.

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