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Marble Surface

Philipp Fahrbach I

Lackenhofer Klänge, Walzer, Op. 350

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration from the Kramer piano score of this waltz by Philipp Fahrbach I. It doesn’t appear in any list of his works that I have seen and the opus number is beyond the last one in any of those lists. I’m sure it’s the right Fahrbach and it looks like a late waltz of his to me.

I always think of Fahrbach as the thinking man’s waltz composer. The harmonic progressions are often unusual and the structure of the themes and the waltz sections unconventional. For example, here waltz 1A is 20 bars long, rather than the more usual 16 or 24 of this period, waltz 4 is all of a piece and there are interesting key changes, one of which I still can’t figure out how it works. Despite that, it just sounds to the casual listener like just another waltz, albeit a good one.

If Josef Strauss was the “Schubert of the ballroom” then perhaps there is a case for Fahrbach being the “Haydn of the ballroom”

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