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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

Les Adieux, Walzer, Op. 185

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My transcription of the autograph held in the Wien Bibliothek. The waltz was first performed in January 1842.

I have not heard of a recording or a performance. Perhaps this is due to the long solo “farewell” passages for trumpet in the coda. Lanner wrote these for a long valve trumpet pitched in A (not E as some sources have). This instrument was obsolete before the ink was dry on the score. The part cannot be played by a modern trumpet, unless you believe the optimist who wrote that you can pull the tuning slide out to its fullest extent on a B flat trumpet to get an A trumpet. Good luck with the intonation.

It’s a perfectly good Lanner waltz. I struggled a bit with the coda as it is difficult to get the balance right so that you can hear the trumpet, without marking it up and losing the effect. I had to do a bit of both. Lanner had a smaller orchestra and presumably could get the trumpet to stand up at the front. There is a noticeable gap between the last note played on the normal D trumpet to the first note on the A trumpet. Lanner is not often so considerate.

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