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Marble Surface

Philipp Fahrbach I

Pfau-Federn, Walzer, Op. 39

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration from the Haslinger score of this waltz by Philipp Fahrbach I. The score dates from 1839 and it is the earliest piece by Fahrbach I have done. It must have been a success as it appears in many European music publishers’ lists in the early 1840’s. At that date both Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauss I were at the peaks of their careers in Vienna and would have provided very stiff competition for Fahrbach. He worked for both of them at various times.

The waltz, somewhat surprisingly, doesn’t sound much like Strauss or Lanner, although there are some nods in their directions. Waltz 5A is definitely from the Lanner textbook.

I have used Lanner’s orchestra with four early valve trumpets. I am indebted to Fahrbach for his article in the Allgemeine Wiener Musik Zeitung of 31 Aug 1843 on how to write for them. I would have been even more indebted to him if I had found the article before wading through lots of Lanner trumpet parts trying to work it out for myself!

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