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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

Soldaten Tänze, Walzer, Op. 173

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My transcription of the autograph score from the Wien Bibliothek. The piece dates from the end of 1840.

I have included one small anachronism. Lanner calls for a ratchet. I was unable to find a 19th century one so I have used my grandfather’s 1939 issue Air Raid Precautions rattle. In real life it is LOUD. I have toned it down a lot for the recording but it’s still maybe too loud. I don’t know what effect Lanner was trying to achieve – gunfire?

(The unofficial two blue paint job is because those are the colours of Bishop Auckland Football Club which was a very successful English amateur football team in the 1950’s when my father took this rattle to matches and presumably annoyed everyone for miles around)

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