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Marble Surface

Philipp Fahrbach I

Turbinen, Walzer, Op. 246

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration of this waltz by the elder Philipp Fahrbach. It dates from the “Golden Age” of the waltz, the 1860s.

It’s a very good waltz. Fahrbach is always interesting to do because, while he might not be a genius on the level of the Lanners, Johann Strauss II or Josef Strauss, he is most definitely an individual composer. It always takes me longer than I expect to do a Fahrbach piece because his music is not as derivative as most of his peers. The melodies, phrasing, rhythms and harmonies are very much his own. I often find myself looking at a section and thinking “What on earth is he doing here?”. If I then do a basic orchestration the light dawns and I can go back and do it again, properly.

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