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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

Ungarischer Nationaltanz, Op. 168

Arr. CPE Strauss

00:00 / 09:33

My orchestration from the piano score of this piece by Lanner. It dates from late 1841.

It is Lanner in a more sombre mood than usual. Perhaps he was a bit Brahms and Liszt.

The piece ends in a rather perfunctory way which added to some problems of my own creation. I originally copied the piece during a 2018 visit to the library in Vienna and then got home to find I was missing a couple of pages. On a second visit in 2019 I had another go but when I orchestrated it and got to the end thought I might be still missing a bit. I then paid the library to send me a copy … which was exactly what I already had!

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