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Marble Surface

CPE Strauss

Erinnerungen, Potpourri, Op. 85

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Or "(Almost) 74 years in (almost) 15 minutes in (almost) chronological order". Apologies for this but it was born out of a minor catastrophe. I was orchestrating Oscar Fetras "Walzerflut - 100 years in 15 Minutes in chronological order" potpourri, a trip through time of the Viennese waltz. This was obviously a follow up to Lanner's "Die Walzer-Fluth - 20 years in 20 minutes" potpourri, a trip through Lanner's own waltzes that I had previously orchestrated.

It was a bit of a struggle as I was having problems with my vision. After I had orchestrated pages 1-9 of the piano score (considerably more full score) I turned over to find the next was page 13. 3 pages missing and not easy to find. Much swearing. To save some of the work I cobbled together this piece and have added some rather more familiar works to some of the ones Fetras chose. Presumably he had more problems with copyright etc. than I had 100 years later. There is no Fetras left here. It is all either by me or quotations from considerably better composers.

Some very familiar tunes here, especially towards the end. Some unfamiliar ones too. Johann was right. It is a good coda.

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