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Marble Surface

Michael Pamer

Five Ecossaises

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration of the five ecossaises in a set of Michael Pamer’s music written for the “Carnevall” of 1818. As well as the ecossaises and some waltzes there is a Madratura, two Masurkas [sic], a Milanaise, an Altvater, a Calamaika and a Böhmischer Confusions Tanz. Apart from the suspicion that a Milanaise is a kind of salami, I don’t have much idea of the provenance of those.

The ecossaises are … well ecossaises. Even Schubert had difficulty arousing much interest in such a simple form. The first four are resolutely tonic dominant. There are four different chords in the last one.

Nevertheless, cheerful enough and I think that might be Joseph Lanner in the violin section (although he left in 1818 and I don’t know when). Johann Strauss I didn’t join the band till 1819 I think.

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