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Marble Surface

Joseph Lanner

K.K.Kammerball Tänze, Op. 177

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My transcription of the autograph in the Wien Bibliothek im Rathaus. It is sometimes referred to as the Kaiserball Tänze or just the Kammerball Tänze but I have gone with the title on the autograph. I have also included the ophicleide part from the autograph which is missing in some other sources.

It is just magnificent: Lanner at his very best. The introduction is substantial and majestic, almost symphonic, there is a carefully constructed coda and it is worth noticing the small differences in the themes that reappear in the coda. Most composers (including Lanner usually!) would have just asked for the bars to be copied to save the effort of writing them out. Perhaps he was making a special effort for the occasion.

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