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Marble Surface

Carl Millöcker

Natalitza, Walzer

Arr. CPE Strauss

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Some years ago I discovered on IMSLP an album of piano arrangedments of obscure Viennese marches published by Universal in the 1890’s. I was delighted to discover that there was a companion volume of waltzes. It contained a couple I had heard before but mostly they were unfamiliar to me. This was one of them, a waltz based on themes from Millöcker’s operetta Apajune der Wassermann.

I’m afraid they are a bit late for me so the orchestration might be a bit anachronistic. I find it difficult to throw a huge orchestra at this kind of music. I still want a bit of colour and detail; not just a wall of sound.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice waltz and too good to sit in the archives, unperformed.

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