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Marble Surface

Philipp Fahrbach I

Schmachtlocken, Walzer, Op. 111

Arr. CPE Strauss

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My orchestration from the Spina first edition piano score of this waltz by Philipp Fahrbach I. The title page has “Schmacht-Loken”.

There is a quartet recording of this piece that I have never heard which has the sub-title “Walzer im Ländlerstyle”. It’s not on my score and the waltz is not remotely Landler-like. It’s definitely Philipp Fahrbach I. The piece dates from 1852 and it is rather good.

You can see the professional at work, too. I have often noted the poor “stitching” in codas of early works Fahrbach’s younger contemporaries as they try to join up waltz themes in different keys. Fahrbach has made sure all the bits he wants in the coda are in the same key and fit together with the minimum of work. I’ll bet the original score just has “copy that bit into here” instructions in it.

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