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CPE Strauss

Schubertiana, Quadrille on themes by Schubert, Op. 82

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So, having castigated Eduard Strauss for shoehorning some of Schubert’s best, serious music into the form of a quadrille, Liederkranz, I thought I would have a go myself with some rather more appropriate bits of Schubert. Obviously, I’m no Eduard Strauss but, with the exception of a bit of a Moment Musicale and some Rosamund both of which are fairly jolly, the music is Schubert’s own dance music – if you count a march as a dance.

It did occur to me as I wrote this that Schubert would have made a half-decent dance composer if he hadn’t wasted so much time on all those symphonies, songs, operas and the like.

For the record, I used –

Pantalon – Ecossaise from D299, Grazer Galopp D925
Été – Ecossaise from D145, Moment Musicale D780/3
Poule – Deutsche Tanz from D426, Landler from D145
Trenis – Ecossaise from D697, Rosamund D797 – Entr’acte
Pastourelle – Galopp D735
Finale – Grazer Galopp D925, Marche Militaire D733

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