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Marble Surface

C. M. Ziehrer

Wiener Tanzweisen, Walzer, Op. 1

Arr. CPE Strauss

00:00 / 06:54

My arrangement of the first published waltz by Ziehrer from the first edition piano score.

It has been recorded before. I have not listened to the previous recordings, although I will probably give in and do so before long.

I am not that familiar with the work of Ziehrer and the pieces I know have huge opus numbers on them. I have aimed to produce an arrangement appropriate to the period in which the piece was written. One can hear Ziehrer mannerisms in the piece and can guess how he would have orchestrated them in 1890 but it would be anachronistic to do it that way for a piece written in 1863.

My guiding principle, for this and all other pieces where I am not very familiar with the composer’s work, is to pretend that I am a bandleader of the period picking up the piano score of a current dance and producing an orchestration for my band. It won’t sound like the composer but should not sound strange for the time

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