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15th October 1844 - Johann Strauss II's Debut Concert

On Tuesday the 15th October, 1844 Johann Strauss II made his debut at Dommayer's casino in Hietzing. The place was packed. This is my attempt to reconstruct the concert. All pieces have been arranged for an orchestra the size of Strauss's, with a few more strings. The running order is taken from "The Strauss Family, Portrait of a Musical Dynasty" by Peter Kemp, published by The Baton Press in 1985. I am unaware of later research.

There are three issues. Piece six is unknown. I have chosen Strauss father's Parade March, Op. 144, simply for a bit of variety: There isn't a march in the program. For piece ten Kemp has "Possibly an operatic piece, or a Strauss father piece, though not a waltz". I have chosen Strauss father's Salon Polka, Op. 161 which was given its first performance a few months earlier. Piece eight should be the Overture "Ein Sommernachtstraum" by Franz von Suppé, but I can't find a score. If anyone knows of one that could fall under a scanner please get in touch via the email address on the contact page. For the moment I have substituted the overture Ein Morgen, ein Mittag und ein Abend in Wien which dates from 1844.

The music is all arranged by me. I haven't done all of the encores! There was an interval after piece seven.

Entire Concert - 

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